Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Not A Laughing Matter!

Good afternoon! What can I say, today started off with a bang! I had a lovely dentists' appointment this morning, that I really was not looking forward to going to. Let me start off by saying FLOSS, in and around your teeth THOROUGHLY. Second tip, if you drink soda, don't drink that soda alll day, as in  sipping, drink it with your meal, or however you do it and be done with it. With that said, here's where I went wrong. I went to the dentist like 6 months ago for a normal cleaning..and I was graced with unpleasant news.. 14 CAVITIES. Now dont go WTF Audrey because I am not GREEDY with the candy I swear, I brush my teeth A LOT and floss, hmm when I get something stuck in my teeth! YIKES! Lesson learned, so I'm a wuss, lets just call it plain and simple. In the last 6 months Ive gotten hmm like 9 of the 16 done. I just was not too motivated to get them done because the immense lock jaw and pain that I get. But the other day I decided you know what, let me do this, let's get this suckker done!

However, I should have reconsidered that. So I get there, and I'm talking to the doc, because last time I almost walked outta there with the instruments still in my mouth bc it hurt that bad. So, they decided you know what, let's just give you a bit of Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) at first it was great. I was like awake, and then they cranked it up. Apparently it wasn't working as good as they thought. That's when the nauseous feeling came in. Trust, I let them know too! I snatched that mask off my face so fast, and said imma vomit LOL that caught both of their attentions because they backkkkked up off a sista!

Maybe it was the Lunesta I took last night that hadn't worn off all the way, mixed in with this lovely Nitrous, all and all, it made me sick several times, all over my new shirt! Oh boo! But hey, I can check this off as another learning lesson. Guess that's just how the cookie crumbles today!

All in all, 12hr of being sick, makes for cavity free teeth!

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