Sunday, August 29, 2010

WALK for mental health.

Do you remember being a kid, and getting home from school? What is the first thing that you all would do? For me, I was all about putting on my “play” clothes and RUNNNING outside to go “play” with my friends, until the street lights came on. This is before I had a car, and a cell phone, before the Facebook, MySpace, Skype, Twitter, and YouTube. Need I say more? The fresh air entering my young lungs as I would run wildly screaming at my friends. Discovering new ways to play hide and seek, digging for gold, or anything. Really, just being creative with the lovely outside world. I never played video games, and hardly knew how to work a computer. Tv was something that was rarely cut on, except for Saturday Mornings. I loved all my cartoons.

I look at kids these days and think, thank God. Thank God I wasn’t raised in this day in age. I won’t say ALL children are this way, but kids these days are lazy, they don’t want to do anything, but sit at home watch tv, get on the internet, and play video games. Do you know I stopped getting game systems at Sega CD, or Nintendo 64 I just can’t remember what came first? Technology is great, I love it, but it has become such a hinderance to our young people. It’s so sad, I used to always see kids running around outside. Now they streets are empty in my neighborhood.

I remember being a kid and always having a disposable camera, I always wanted a Polaroid, but my parents just weren’t having that! I would take pictures of random things, cracks in the sand, pictures of clouds, anything that was unique, and weird looking. I loved to explore. I am 22 years young, and these are some of the things that I still love to do. I encourage you all to shut down the computer, everyone will still be there, cut off the tv, I mean there’s DVR now, you can watch it later. Escape the monotony of everyday life, and go on a nice walk, if not for exercise, do it for your mental health. Clear your mind of all the daily rut you find yourself in. Go watch the stars, or watch the sunset. Sit in your backyard and just look at the sky and watch as they form into different shapes

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Four Trends To Try Before Fall

Trends to try before summer ends:


2. STATEMENT SHADOW To get the look: Use a lid from lash-line to crease. Dust over the pencil with a matching shadow to boost the color even more.


3. JUICY BOLD LIPS- use face primer to moisturize lips instead of lip balm which can be greasy. Blot excess moisture off the lips then apply lipstick.


4. MIXED-UP MANI add a different color to your ring finger to add edge.

STAY TUNED:I will be making a video on this in a few days :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What Does Friendship Mean To You?!?

I started thinking about all the glorious "friends" that have had a revolving door in my life. It's pretty sad, but in a way hilarious.  It took me back to what my parents used to tell me when I was a kid. My mother used say, Audrey, what do you want? Seriously, because if you want quantity you've got that, everybody knows you, but no one truly gets you. So if you want numbers you've got that in the bag. But if you want a true friend that knows you, understands you, and appreciates you, then maybe you should reevaluate the ones you place yourself with. So, quantity or quality?
It makes me smile today, because growing up I had an army of friends. I was never alone. At least around 5 people at all times. You know how it goes.. However, I never was truly happy. Never felt like I fit in at all. You ever just felt misunderstood all the time? I remember somewhere in high school I decided you know what...I'm done being fake. I am done trying to keep up with these people. So I broke away. I hung solo, and it was a great, great feeling. Sometimes you just need a break from people. When I started college, and a new job, I found myself SURROUNDED by hundreds of people. I am very easy going, and bubbly and you know having an outstanding personality doesn't hurt either. My point is, once I made up my mind not to accept certain people in my life the groups and the different people shifted. 
Its soo funny, because I have a close knit of friends. I don't hang out everyday and I am so content with that. Its understanding and appreciating a person. I have my three closest friends. My lovely girl who I would drop anything for. We are so crazy together and act a fool. SHe brings out all kinds of joy. She is my friend that you can do ANY and everything with and I love it. You know what I mean? I have another friend where we only go out and do things. Like to the movies, and to dinner, we do not do a lot of other things, and you know what I take her for what she is and I appreciate her.

But for me, friendship should not be a hassle. Why place people in your life that you don't really care for? I mean when you thinnk about it, it is so much easier to do things on your own. But its something about having one of your friends there with you. To share stories, and laughter. To compliment your life. 

Look out for my YouTube video I will be making of this.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

What does being plus sized mean to you?

I had to think about this for a minute. Because there’s a difference for me. There's the before Audrey, who thought being plus sized was the devil! It meant torture, and ridicule. It meant being categorized as HUGE, FAT, OBESE. It meant feeling overwhelmed with pity and loathe for allowing myself get to the point where I was sooo uncomfortable. BUT now, now I see myself as big and beautiful. Bold and full a life. So many act like being plus sized is such a contagious disease, but really it isn’t that. I took me years to get accustomed to this body, to love this body, accept this body, and most importantly how to dress this beautiful tall, curvatious body that I embody.

Can you believe people say, being plus sized is so in RIGHT NOW. Ha! Really? I just find that hilarious. Why is it now that being plus sized is so in? Somehow I stumbled upon this video where a representative from a plus size store was saying did you know that over 50 percent of women are plus sized?? I’m thinking to myself seriously?? You just now realized that? Come one, where you been living lady? Also, she stated that her business has received a lot of revenue. You think? We have been yearning for a plus to find classy, trendy, sexy, fun clothing. We have been dying to find a place that knows we have curves, and knows how to dress someone in “extended” sizes.

My point? Love yourself, if you want to lose weight do it, don’t say it, just do it. You can lose a hundred pounds and still be insecure. I challenge you to love yourself. Take a gooood look in the mirror and just smile. You are who you are, embrace it!

ALWAYS REMEMBER others opinions of you is simply their OPINION they’re entitled to it, but doesn’t have to mean anything to you, unless you believe it..and accept it.

Friday, August 6, 2010

What is Beauty?

For those of you who follow my youtube channel, you know that I have a lovely contest going on until Saturday. While watching one of the video responses, I was touched by this 16 year old viewer named Jhamiya. I would like to share her poem she entered into my contest. I found it really sweet!


Beauty is only skin deep

So why do u keep judging me

I could be just as pretty as they come

but being pretty is not beauty

So where u learned that from

People want u to alter your body

perfect fit

but we are all beautiful

Whether we are skinny or thick

Guys makin us feel bad cuz we dnt look like americas next top model

or built like beyonce

with a small waist big hips

shaped like a coke bottle

but baby im curvy with a lil more

and i still look good

but if u wanna find my beauty

Take a look under m hood

The doorway to my heart

is where u should start

and once u get in its hard to get out

I'll make u feel that everything is alright

Cuz ill teach you what real beauty looks like

So this is what she wrote, hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

Monday, August 2, 2010


I don’t care what people say, appearances do matter. I used to work for
a company and I did the preliminary interviews. The first thing I looked
at was what the person was wearing. What you wear to says a lot about
yourself in an interview. Reasoning is, all we have is a hard copy resume. A
lot of people do a bit of embellishment on those.

So our initial response is the first account we have with you. Which for
me were what you wore, and your initial attitude? Just a tip to remember.

First of all, you do not want to over do anything. Ladies, you do not want
to wear soo much make up you look like a clown. You also do not want
to over do your hair. Wear it down, or pinned up in a cute bun, or even
half up and half down. You want to be simple, elegant, and very classy/
conservative looking. Exposing too much bosom is a no no, wearing
too tight clothes is a big no no. Loud colors are a big NO. Never show
up with a bright red skirt that is too tight and too short. It one distracts
the person interviewing you, and secondly, it just makes you look tacky.

Now going to say this ladies, don’t laugh either. Wear a good bra. No
one wants to see a muffin top, or a bra that smooches your boobs.
You want to bring attention to yourself, just not that kind of attention.

Accessories play a big part too. Please do not come out with anything too
showy, if you wear hoops wear nice small ones, do not come with an arm
full of bangles and a big bling necklace. You do not want your accessories
to make more noise than your car keys ladies.

Shoes, ladies, save the stiletto shoes for the club. You should wear solid
colored shoes, Black, brown, navy, etc. Choose between closed toe shoes,
pumps and loafers. Nails, if you do not have time to go get yourself a
manicure or do them yourself. Take any chipped nail polish off. If you do
decide to do it yourself remember to paint your nails a conservative color.

If you have multiple piercings in your ear, be sure to wear studs and then
a pair of whatever earrings you choose. Do not wear hoops in all the
piercings. If you can take the excessive earrings out if you have more than
3 holes in each ear.

If you have facial piercing, please be sure to take all of that off your
beautiful face for the interview. Tongue rings too. If you have numerous or
even just one tattoo attempt to cover them up.

Also, if you’re a smoke either smoke way prior to the interview to give
yourself time to air out, but do not attempt to spray A LOT perfume to
overpower the smoke smell. BIG NO NO!!!

Also, no gum, no candy clear

Oh yes..empty your pockets. You don’t want them to be bulky, because of
coins or whatever the case.

Below are a few pictures of sample outfits that I would wear to an interview.

Keep in mind I work for a place that is business casual, but its more casual
than business. So, I may not be dressed up enough for a corporate job

Also, check out my youtube vids I made about this.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Hello there!

SoOo, many may wonder, what brought me to blogging? Good question. I started blogging on Myspace about 3 years ago. However I felt like I needed to do a different type of blog. I love to write, and that has always been my passion, and always will be.However, I wanted to offer something more than just stories, and poems, and just the normal rambling. I wanted to cater to the plus size women out there who find it hard to shop.

Trust me, Ive been there, matter of fact I am still there. From the help of friends, and my Youtube family, I have found great tips, and I am steady learning new tricks. I realize that a lot of department stores do not necessarily cater to us big girls out there, but if you take some time and really look, there are a lot of ways to cheat this system. So stay tuned. Ive got lots to say. If you get a chance, checkout my Youtube sometime!