Sunday, August 29, 2010

WALK for mental health.

Do you remember being a kid, and getting home from school? What is the first thing that you all would do? For me, I was all about putting on my “play” clothes and RUNNNING outside to go “play” with my friends, until the street lights came on. This is before I had a car, and a cell phone, before the Facebook, MySpace, Skype, Twitter, and YouTube. Need I say more? The fresh air entering my young lungs as I would run wildly screaming at my friends. Discovering new ways to play hide and seek, digging for gold, or anything. Really, just being creative with the lovely outside world. I never played video games, and hardly knew how to work a computer. Tv was something that was rarely cut on, except for Saturday Mornings. I loved all my cartoons.

I look at kids these days and think, thank God. Thank God I wasn’t raised in this day in age. I won’t say ALL children are this way, but kids these days are lazy, they don’t want to do anything, but sit at home watch tv, get on the internet, and play video games. Do you know I stopped getting game systems at Sega CD, or Nintendo 64 I just can’t remember what came first? Technology is great, I love it, but it has become such a hinderance to our young people. It’s so sad, I used to always see kids running around outside. Now they streets are empty in my neighborhood.

I remember being a kid and always having a disposable camera, I always wanted a Polaroid, but my parents just weren’t having that! I would take pictures of random things, cracks in the sand, pictures of clouds, anything that was unique, and weird looking. I loved to explore. I am 22 years young, and these are some of the things that I still love to do. I encourage you all to shut down the computer, everyone will still be there, cut off the tv, I mean there’s DVR now, you can watch it later. Escape the monotony of everyday life, and go on a nice walk, if not for exercise, do it for your mental health. Clear your mind of all the daily rut you find yourself in. Go watch the stars, or watch the sunset. Sit in your backyard and just look at the sky and watch as they form into different shapes


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