Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Ladies, have you ever felt down and out. Just like you are not yourself?? Like your loosing reality, and you almost want to let yourself, but something is shaking you and forcing you to get yourself together. The other day day I felt like I was an emotional wreck. Burnt out with work, school, and dealing other issues had me thinking... I need to smile, not the fake smile that people see because I have to have it, but the smile within me. I need to laugh not the ha-ha oh boy that was a knee slapper laugh, but one of those laughs, that hurt. You know, stomach hurts, cheeks burn, and you're completely out of breathe. So, I decided to treat myself to a nice late night park walk. Here's a look :)


  1. Girl!! I loved this!! It's nice to get away and just be ourselves for a minute!!

  2. Hey! Im just now seeing this for some reason! And I agree, sometimes you just gotta break away and be a kid again, trust it felt beyond good to go to the lake and then just swing at a playground. Youre never too old to have fun!