Sunday, August 1, 2010


Hello there!

SoOo, many may wonder, what brought me to blogging? Good question. I started blogging on Myspace about 3 years ago. However I felt like I needed to do a different type of blog. I love to write, and that has always been my passion, and always will be.However, I wanted to offer something more than just stories, and poems, and just the normal rambling. I wanted to cater to the plus size women out there who find it hard to shop.

Trust me, Ive been there, matter of fact I am still there. From the help of friends, and my Youtube family, I have found great tips, and I am steady learning new tricks. I realize that a lot of department stores do not necessarily cater to us big girls out there, but if you take some time and really look, there are a lot of ways to cheat this system. So stay tuned. Ive got lots to say. If you get a chance, checkout my Youtube sometime!



  1. Hey girl, I had to follow your blog. Since you are following mine. + i love your yt channel. Hope we can both help the plus sized world


  2. Ahh thanks lady! I appreciate the support...I look forward to keeping up with yours too!