Monday, August 2, 2010


I don’t care what people say, appearances do matter. I used to work for
a company and I did the preliminary interviews. The first thing I looked
at was what the person was wearing. What you wear to says a lot about
yourself in an interview. Reasoning is, all we have is a hard copy resume. A
lot of people do a bit of embellishment on those.

So our initial response is the first account we have with you. Which for
me were what you wore, and your initial attitude? Just a tip to remember.

First of all, you do not want to over do anything. Ladies, you do not want
to wear soo much make up you look like a clown. You also do not want
to over do your hair. Wear it down, or pinned up in a cute bun, or even
half up and half down. You want to be simple, elegant, and very classy/
conservative looking. Exposing too much bosom is a no no, wearing
too tight clothes is a big no no. Loud colors are a big NO. Never show
up with a bright red skirt that is too tight and too short. It one distracts
the person interviewing you, and secondly, it just makes you look tacky.

Now going to say this ladies, don’t laugh either. Wear a good bra. No
one wants to see a muffin top, or a bra that smooches your boobs.
You want to bring attention to yourself, just not that kind of attention.

Accessories play a big part too. Please do not come out with anything too
showy, if you wear hoops wear nice small ones, do not come with an arm
full of bangles and a big bling necklace. You do not want your accessories
to make more noise than your car keys ladies.

Shoes, ladies, save the stiletto shoes for the club. You should wear solid
colored shoes, Black, brown, navy, etc. Choose between closed toe shoes,
pumps and loafers. Nails, if you do not have time to go get yourself a
manicure or do them yourself. Take any chipped nail polish off. If you do
decide to do it yourself remember to paint your nails a conservative color.

If you have multiple piercings in your ear, be sure to wear studs and then
a pair of whatever earrings you choose. Do not wear hoops in all the
piercings. If you can take the excessive earrings out if you have more than
3 holes in each ear.

If you have facial piercing, please be sure to take all of that off your
beautiful face for the interview. Tongue rings too. If you have numerous or
even just one tattoo attempt to cover them up.

Also, if you’re a smoke either smoke way prior to the interview to give
yourself time to air out, but do not attempt to spray A LOT perfume to
overpower the smoke smell. BIG NO NO!!!

Also, no gum, no candy clear

Oh yes..empty your pockets. You don’t want them to be bulky, because of
coins or whatever the case.

Below are a few pictures of sample outfits that I would wear to an interview.

Keep in mind I work for a place that is business casual, but its more casual
than business. So, I may not be dressed up enough for a corporate job

Also, check out my youtube vids I made about this.

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  1. Awesome post Audrey! You really gave the girlies some amazing tips that could make or break an interview. Lots of times, women or younger girls thinkin that arriving flashy to an interview will make their chances better when its the other way around lol Awesome post! xoxo