Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What Does Friendship Mean To You?!?

I started thinking about all the glorious "friends" that have had a revolving door in my life. It's pretty sad, but in a way hilarious.  It took me back to what my parents used to tell me when I was a kid. My mother used say, Audrey, what do you want? Seriously, because if you want quantity you've got that, everybody knows you, but no one truly gets you. So if you want numbers you've got that in the bag. But if you want a true friend that knows you, understands you, and appreciates you, then maybe you should reevaluate the ones you place yourself with. So, quantity or quality?
It makes me smile today, because growing up I had an army of friends. I was never alone. At least around 5 people at all times. You know how it goes.. However, I never was truly happy. Never felt like I fit in at all. You ever just felt misunderstood all the time? I remember somewhere in high school I decided you know what...I'm done being fake. I am done trying to keep up with these people. So I broke away. I hung solo, and it was a great, great feeling. Sometimes you just need a break from people. When I started college, and a new job, I found myself SURROUNDED by hundreds of people. I am very easy going, and bubbly and you know having an outstanding personality doesn't hurt either. My point is, once I made up my mind not to accept certain people in my life the groups and the different people shifted. 
Its soo funny, because I have a close knit of friends. I don't hang out everyday and I am so content with that. Its understanding and appreciating a person. I have my three closest friends. My lovely girl who I would drop anything for. We are so crazy together and act a fool. SHe brings out all kinds of joy. She is my friend that you can do ANY and everything with and I love it. You know what I mean? I have another friend where we only go out and do things. Like to the movies, and to dinner, we do not do a lot of other things, and you know what I take her for what she is and I appreciate her.

But for me, friendship should not be a hassle. Why place people in your life that you don't really care for? I mean when you thinnk about it, it is so much easier to do things on your own. But its something about having one of your friends there with you. To share stories, and laughter. To compliment your life. 

Look out for my YouTube video I will be making of this.

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