Saturday, August 14, 2010

What does being plus sized mean to you?

I had to think about this for a minute. Because there’s a difference for me. There's the before Audrey, who thought being plus sized was the devil! It meant torture, and ridicule. It meant being categorized as HUGE, FAT, OBESE. It meant feeling overwhelmed with pity and loathe for allowing myself get to the point where I was sooo uncomfortable. BUT now, now I see myself as big and beautiful. Bold and full a life. So many act like being plus sized is such a contagious disease, but really it isn’t that. I took me years to get accustomed to this body, to love this body, accept this body, and most importantly how to dress this beautiful tall, curvatious body that I embody.

Can you believe people say, being plus sized is so in RIGHT NOW. Ha! Really? I just find that hilarious. Why is it now that being plus sized is so in? Somehow I stumbled upon this video where a representative from a plus size store was saying did you know that over 50 percent of women are plus sized?? I’m thinking to myself seriously?? You just now realized that? Come one, where you been living lady? Also, she stated that her business has received a lot of revenue. You think? We have been yearning for a plus to find classy, trendy, sexy, fun clothing. We have been dying to find a place that knows we have curves, and knows how to dress someone in “extended” sizes.

My point? Love yourself, if you want to lose weight do it, don’t say it, just do it. You can lose a hundred pounds and still be insecure. I challenge you to love yourself. Take a gooood look in the mirror and just smile. You are who you are, embrace it!

ALWAYS REMEMBER others opinions of you is simply their OPINION they’re entitled to it, but doesn’t have to mean anything to you, unless you believe it..and accept it.

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  1. I used to hate my body, when i was younger. thinking why me? why do i have to be fat. Then something change in me. now i love who i am a thick fashionable diva.