Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have.....


In lovely WEBSTER’S dictionary it defines procrastination as “to put off”. Nicely said Webster. My definition…PURE LAZINESS. Somewhere within the last say….5 YEARS I’ve had a serious case of senioritis. You see, I thought senioritis would wear off AFTER I graduated from high school, but apparently not because it’s followed me into college too. It’s a very nasty habit that I’ve been meaning to get rid of, but have yet to conquer. It’s that it’s my day off I don’t feel like doing a got dang thing! Point blank, no excuse. I feel like because I’ve worked a 50 hour work week, and then I’ve had class, and had to do this and that. That laundry can wait, cleaning can wait, why make up my bed when I’m just going to get right back in it later in the day. Boy, laziness sure has taken over. Hopefully I can shake it, but until, ill major in procrastination because I’ve been studying it for awhile and have been acing that sucker!

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