Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 05- A Picture Of Somewhere You’ve Been To

Viva Las Vegas!

It wasn't too long ago when I crossed state lines and found myself in good ole Sin City. I went there for my mother's birthday and ended up having a mini vacation of my own. Four days in Vegas with about 12 hrs of sleep in total in all those days. Let me tell you, it was worth every minute. The lights, the streets, the people, the shows, the solicitors, EVERYthing I loved. I even managed to meet this TALL hott guy out there.. Hmm if only I could have taken him hommme with me :( Oh bummer. Anywho, these pictures are from my short stay there. I swear I was such a tourist. I mean really, I took pictures of everything, only sad part.. I'm not in pretty much ANY of them. Its okay though because Ive got my memories to go off on ;)

I would say watch out for a video on this, but honestly Ive been saying that for the last 3 weeks, so hopefully I'll have this video up before my birthday which by the way is in January. Ha! Enjoy the pictures ^_^

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