Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 06- Favorite Super Hero And Why


I think it all started with Soulja Boy: He taught all of us how to crank that soulja boy and superman that oooh. LOL I'm totally kidding!!

Anywho its Superman all day everyday! Perhaps its my love for smallville that's based off of this epic hero. Its the I can fly, I have super sonic hearing, the seeing through objects, super strength, and the burning with his eyes!! All of it, I absolutely LOVE. NOW if he could just find a way to read minds, move objects with his mind, and tellaport!!!!

Oh Superman how I love your manly body, and protruding muscles. The way you can always coordinate in a red or blue shirt makes it easy for me to guesstimate what you will wear. The way you turn into a sexy super hero in a blink of an eye in a phone booth has me eagerly waiting at each phone booth on my street! Oh superman the way you fight crime and hide your identity makes you a true hero in my eyesight. Forever yours, curvalicous champ...

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