Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you

My mother has and will always be my number one. We have an amazing unique relationship. It's more of a sisterhood or best friend status. Sometimes I forget that I am talking to my mother. I talk to her with respect of course, but I'm not afraid to be like GIRLLLL lookie here, this negro dun worked my LAST nerve. I appreciate my mother for all she has done. Mother has taught me so much through my 22 years on this big ole earth. Shes taught me strength, and how to have a heart. You have to understand that I've been around a lot of single mothers through my life, and I think that if I was a single mother I'd be bitter, and resent my kids, and the father for the hell he put me through, but my mother was a young mom with two kids, and never talked down on my father. I think that a lot of women forget that these days. My mother strived for excellence and strived for us to stay our age, to not let us worry about not making ends meet. My mother is one tough cookie, strong willed, blunt, lovable, a mighty woman of God, and so much more. I think of all the times we spend together and think gosh I've got such a great mother. There are people in this world who could careless if they hung out, better yet speak to their mother.

I find it interesting that someone pretty much asked me, aren't you past the age of hanging out with your mother?? My response, I will never be too old to hang out with my mother, I will never let anyone come between me and my wonderful mother, and no friend, nor foe will ever make me feel like my relationship with my mother is too much. I'm just saying...
So ladies, call your mothers, let them know you appreciate them, or if you feel like you cant do that, just thank them for giving you life. I mean that's huge on its own.

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