Saturday, December 24, 2011

End of the Year Jazz

Man, first and foremost-- Its been forever and a day since I've gotten on here.. I did away with the Youtube deal seriously it was a part time job! I do miss it though.

This year-- well its been a year.. started it off very turbulent.. LITERALLY.. then heartache and break blah.. but the way its ending..i just feel blessed and HIGHLY favored.. can i get a amen! Thank ya very much!

I mean, the last month or so, things have been consistently great. I have done away with drama filled people.. It was like having 10 leeches placed at various parts of my body..and it wasn't cool at all. Drained is the half of it..Now I'm meeting new people which is incredible, like for real! I used to hate to meet new people, its like ugh.. i have to tell you my whole life story..or a condensed version of it.. go through the first fight..all the late night conversations..sure its fun at first..but in there gonna be something that happens and theres going to be this nasty taste in my life! Yeah..seriously I hated meeting new people.. And the thought of splitting myself more to hang ahh..its like you know if you spend all your time helping others, being there for others..listening to others moan and groan about things they will never change.. well you miss out on something very crucial.. YOU! I mean its great to be there for people, but sometimes you have stop and say if I'm that person to everyone..who's that person to me? I mean you can be your own best hero, you just have to love yourself, and love yourself enough to set time for yourself to just be alone, and marinate in that freedom. Not worrying about a cell phone text-facebook-twitter-youtube-- you catch my drift. Its crazy how freeing life can be.. Cuz i feel so free and full a life.. 6 months ago.. i prob. wouldnt even let out a ounce of a smile, now.. my cheeks hurt because I smile so..I'm so full of life. I'm not a Debbie downer..just a realist..or i like to think i am :)


The year is ending..cant believe how fast these 12 months have FLOWN by! Im too excited for 2012-- its a even year so i know its going to be super bad! To all my fellow friends out there, go into 2012 with a list of goals for yourself and your life, and ackomplish them, when theres a will theres a way..and you have to have the right mindset and will to win to finish any task in life.. Seriously--work and personal!

Have a MERRY Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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