Friday, August 6, 2010

What is Beauty?

For those of you who follow my youtube channel, you know that I have a lovely contest going on until Saturday. While watching one of the video responses, I was touched by this 16 year old viewer named Jhamiya. I would like to share her poem she entered into my contest. I found it really sweet!


Beauty is only skin deep

So why do u keep judging me

I could be just as pretty as they come

but being pretty is not beauty

So where u learned that from

People want u to alter your body

perfect fit

but we are all beautiful

Whether we are skinny or thick

Guys makin us feel bad cuz we dnt look like americas next top model

or built like beyonce

with a small waist big hips

shaped like a coke bottle

but baby im curvy with a lil more

and i still look good

but if u wanna find my beauty

Take a look under m hood

The doorway to my heart

is where u should start

and once u get in its hard to get out

I'll make u feel that everything is alright

Cuz ill teach you what real beauty looks like

So this is what she wrote, hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

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