Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days

Okay, so I mustn't lie. I was sitting here thinking and thinking and thinking some more, what am i proud of?!?! What has made me proud within the last few days? I'm thinking, hard, and nothing comes to mind. Well, I guess I can say I am proud of the woman I am becoming. I am branching out, I used to be SO dependent, and self-conscious about myself. Somewhere within the few weeks, my confidence has spiked, and quite frankly I've become ballsy. See that can be misconstrued to something negative, but really its not. I used to say I kept it 100% I would tell you the truth point blank, in a respectable manner of course but seriously, I didn't give a hoot if I hurt your feelings. Now, I keep it real, I still don't sugar coat, BUT the difference is I truly mean it. If someone asked me say a month ago, hey lets go do this, and that then that and this, I probably would have thought dang it, I've got sooo much to do, I really do not need to be wasting time doing something I truly don't want to do, but yet I would find a way to justify that action as acceptable in my mind and do it. Now, I just say no, I don't give an explanation because I feel like I don't need to justify my actions to anyone...well maybe my mother, but come on she birthed me. So, what am I proud of? Well, I'm proud of me, for getting my priorities straight, and just taking time to be free! We all need some mental health days!

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